Dragon-san Wants Friends CH1 10% (Bad Teaser)

CH1 (10%) Dragon-san is lonely (BOCCHI) by:道草家守


I’m a dragon.


With beautiful Golden pupils, sharp teeth like an alligator.

A streamlined body that was followed by a long tail, a mane (?) growing  along my spine from my head.

Covered with jet black hard scales, and tinged purple, two horns on my head.

And the form that allows one to Rule the sky freely,  a pair of Wings with a Crimson membrane. I am a dragon without a doubt.

[TLNOTE: I’m not sure? そして赤い皮膜の翼で空を自由に駆る姿はまごう事なきドラゴン様である。]


I remember my name from when I was born, but it’s long, so I’ll omit it.


[TL: okay this is where is got tricky]

Vie, somehow, if, born I defended circulation of the magic with which one is supporting this unstable world against the lava when the mountain above the sea level where one two is contested in the called world erupted, with OGYA, and I found charged with the role arranging already.

[TL: Or??]

Vie, I somehow with the altitude of the mountain to compete for twelve in the world, which is said was born Ogyatto from lava at the time of the eruption, that you are responsible for arranging to protect the circulation of magical power that he is supporting this unstable world the already knew.

Before I was born at the same time, I was also feeling the “me” age when I lived as a person.

[TL: ??? Basically Dragon-san? was charged with supporting the unstable world by circulating magic power, and inherited this duty at birth?? Which means she can’t leave her duty? But  she started to remember her life from before, and she wants friends.
(ORIGINAL: ヴィ、何とかといわれる世界で一二を争う標高の山が噴火した時の溶岩からおぎゃっと生まれた私は、自分がこの不安定な世界を支えている魔力の循環を守り整える役割を担っていることをすでに知っていた。



I’m a dragon.

But the inside was still a”female College student” from the world called Earth.


……. Why was I reborn to such a strange RACE, and a place that I don’t want to be in!!!!!!


[TLNOTE: I’m bad at this –……なんで生まれ変わってんだこんちくしょ!!!]


TLNOTE: Bocchi  is apparently  short for “hitori bocchi” (ひとりぼっち) which means solitary, lonely, or even all alone. So says Google-sama.

You can read the original work here http://ncode.syosetu.com/n5103cj/